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What’s your superhero name?

If you go by my original last name I’m “SUPER METH MOUTH”

You go by my current last name I become “SUPER COP WHO GETS AWAY WITH MURDER”

Not sure which of them I like better XD but I do know that Super Meth Mouth sounds like a 90s grunge band

Super Lonely Soul… Well that’s a downer…

Little pedestrian… What?

Kickass Pussy Detroyah out to save you all

Places I wanna be: Comic Con

Why you ask? Aside from the utter awesomeness of it; The Teen Wolf Panel. But that happened yesterday so now I think this weekend will be more bearable now that I know that there’s no point in going anymore cause the thing I wanted to happen already happened 😩

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Someone on here literally said that misandry isn’t a real thing and that shit it the most hilarious thing ever because this whole fucking website is basically just women hating on men.

I’m a feminist but don’t expect me to reblog posts where people are putting men down to further empathize girl power. Girl power has got shit to do with men in the first place.

But like yeah, “Misandry isn’t real”. When you have all these posts saying men aren’t needed and that women should just kill men? Please.

I’m sorry but if you can’t respect a gender then I can’t respect you.

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as long as Reyna lives

That all that matters to me at this point.

♪ :)

Our song is ‘Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops’ by Cocteau Twins ♥️

Send me a ♪ and I’ll put my Ipod on shuffle and tell you our song

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Send me a ♪ and I’ll put my Ipod on shuffle and tell you our song

minimalist heroes of olympus.




I was trying to find something worse than my family reunion and then it hit me… 

Octavian’s family reunion.

He’d rather stay in Camp where everyone hates him than be with his family

Reyna \re(y)-na\ as a girl’s name has the meaning “counsel; song; queen

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Jeyna + Come Back… Be Here (Taylor Swift), requested by Reyna-praetor-of-rome.

 Art by Incredibru.

Me:  *to my four year old cousin* You're such a loser.
My cousin:  I'm not a loser, I'm a winner.
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I am so ready for you, Mr. grey… Ready to watch the trailer, of course ;)

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Alright guys, Annabeth is Tan. Idk if they ever said that about her in the books but she’s a sporty, active California girl so it’s a pretty safe bet that she’s got a tan going on. But can people please stop making her so dark that she looks like she’s gone overboard on the bronzer or the fake tan sessions? Thanks.

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