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my precious goober baby boy pontifex i’m so proud

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Lucas from Girl Meet World is basically what I picture Jason Grace to look like in real life!

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As hard as I try fucking captain swan keeps getting on my dash and EW I’m gonna throw up. I wish there was a way to totally delete that shit from existence on my tumblr.

Like is it so hard to tag your captain swan trash for fucks sake..

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Camp Half-Blood:  A girl and a boy cannot be in a cabin alone together
Nico di Angelo:  *maniacal laughter as he drags Will Solace into the hades cabin*


Drew Tanaka (art; edit)

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Hazel Levesque (art)
Anonymous said,

Can we, just talk, about how the god of Pegasi just gave Renya the Horse Friend or whatever the proper term for it is. Like, why does no one talk about that. It's kinda a big honor to me.


I actually got a few messages about this, and yes, I definitely think it was a GREAT moment in Reyna’s development.  After all she’s been through, and all her loyal animals, it was adorable.

I adored this moment so much. I’m gonna take Pegasus giving Reyna a horse friend as not a common everyday thing. Reyna loves Skippy so much. Not as a pet or as a ride; she loved Skippy as her friend. I literally cried when Reyna had to put Skippy down in HoH and I’m so glad that Rick made this into a bigger deal! Reyna loves so much and literally doesn’t deserve everything that has happened to her. She deserved every blessing and honor given to her in BoO (even though she didn’t want them because homegirl is HELLA humble) and I’m so glad that she has a new Horse Friend. Definitely one of my favorite moments in the whole book! 


Nailed it!

What do you MEAN we set the land mines on the wrong hill?

-Travis Stoll, Son of Hermes, to his twin brother Connor, while in the middle of a battle to decide the fate of the world. (via hinekoakahi)


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My sister be like…

lmao she can never compare to Suzanne because Suzanne is BAE 😍

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 percy and jason meeting (expectation)
percy:  can you fucking not
jason:  did you just breathe my air   percy and jason meeting (reality)
percy:  ohmygods i love your hair where'd you get it done?
jason:  aw wow babe thanks, at the salon down in new rome
Piper In B&W + Color Art : Edit

how the world will be reading The Blood of Olympus:

how i’ll be reading The Blood of Olympus:

art [x]

Well, I finished Blood of Olympus and I wasn’t wrong about this


"I love you, Wise Girl."

Percabeth in ink, watercolor, and acrylic.

Please do not use without my permission.

You are so talented!!!